Female Founder Fundraising Intensive
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Selected Work

Since 2020, we’ve helped build 50+ companies, including 5 from the ground up and designed multiple accelerator programs. We're determined to change the way early ventures are built.

When should I partner with you?

We typically work with pre-seed and seed stage companies because we specialize in product-market-fit. That being said, our process of deep research and fast prototyping is helpful for any stage company with a new idea.

At what point do you invest/ take equity?

We work with founders to match them with the right investors instead of the traditional Venture Studio model of building and funding our own companies. We stay off your cap table until you're ready to bring us on as advisors, or we participate in a SPV or syndicate deal.

How are you different from YC and Techstars?

We work in the trenches with you, early on, acting as interim product executives and co-founders. We’ll do the interviews and research with you, and build the essential habits and mindset of the best entrepreneurs. The only things we’ll do for you are the prototypes, UI/UX, and branding. Everything else you’ll be able to do on your own after our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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