Learn how to raise millions of dollars for your pre-seed or seed.

Further Faster’s Ready to Raise intensive is an action-oriented 8 week, virtual program designed for early-stage, female founders. The program prepares you with the essential knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully raise the dollars you need to achieve your goals.

What you get after 8 weeks:

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1 | A Great Pitch Deck

Tell the story properly, and convincingly. Your deck isn't your business plan, it's an invitation for upside.

2 | Group of Female Founder Friends

It's harder than we'd like to find peers who are raising pre-seed money. Let's solve our problems together.

3 | Investor Data Room

Have the right files before your investor asks for them. Create an organized and transparent data room.

4 | Pitch Script

Saying the right thing makes a difference when you only have a few seconds to make an impression.

5 | Targeted Investor List

Assemble a list of investors and angels who are looking for companies just like yours.

6 | Fundraising Road Map

Your roadshow schedule, contact list, and timeline is crucial when you're first starting to raise.

7 | Revenue Model & Allocation Schedule

Define your revenue targets, return horizons, and how you'll be using the capital clearly.

8 | A Real Pitch With A Real Investor

We'll introduce you to an investor who has a thesis matching your vision/ approach. We'll be in the room pitching with you, ready to support during or after as necessary.

June 7th:

In combination with weekly 1:1 office hours, templates, and guides, the program below will culminate in an active pitch with VC and Angel Investor interested in your deal.

Week 1: Goals + Foundations
Week 2: Investor Communications

Weeks 1 & 2

Narrative &

Figure out what drives the venture investor you're approaching and tell them a compelling, data-backed story.

Weeks 3-5

Revenue Model
& Deck

Back your story up with numbers, and a step-by-step presentation that's easy to follow.

Week 3: Deck & Script
Week 4: Financials and Data Room
Week 5: Pitch Practice
Week 6: Building Your Universe
Week 7: Mini Shark Tank
Week 8: Fundraising Ops

Weeks 6-8

Active Pitching

Through a series of assessments, interviews, workshops, and pitches we get to know the most promising founders on a deep personal and professional level.

More hands-on than an accelerator

Collaborative. Tactical. Actionable. And Fast.

Before founders invest in first hires or design and development partners, we help prove out big market opportunities and gain undeniable product-market-fit.
Raising capital is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Venture Capital can feel inaccessible and unobtainable, but we break down the language of VC and the process of raising a round confidently.

Receive real feedback from real investors before your raise.

Get in front of real investors in a low pressure environment to get their real feedback as you prepare your deck and pitch.

Raise a round with guidance from people who’ve done it before.

We’ve collectively raised $43M, and we have a network of founders and investors who’ve done it too. Together we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of preparing to fundraise.

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May 27th

Tamara Shriver, Tend

"Working together built my confidence as a founder. I am more trusting of my intuition and process and have research and experience to back it up."

Tamara Shriver, Tend
Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective

"You helped me incorporate more humanity into my work - an important realization which has been incorporated into how I lead. My team whole heartedly trusts your team and is eager to be vulnerable and honest when Ellie is around."

Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective
Dana Ball, Executive Director, Three Lakes Foundation

"Working with FF validated my theory that we can be more strategic and impactful by taking the time to drill down and develop a thesis for investment. The project illuminated challenges that seriously impacted our original intent, changed our strategy and saved us time and money."

Dana Ball, Executive Director, Three Lakes Foundation
Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery

"Being a founder is grueling and lonely. Unlike a typical 9-5, you don't have a boss evaluating your day-to-day work and without that feedback loop it's easy to feel lost. Further Faster has helped keep me positive, connect with the Chicago startup community, and gain confidence in my founding vision through customer validation. They have also built a human focused culture at their company that I plan to emulate."

Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery


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