Think of us like your interim

We're curious entrepreneurs who apply scientific thinking to find product-market fit and win more.


Founders who apply a scientific mindset and develop strong product market-fit engines generate more revenue and growth than their peers who don’t.

When you partner with us, you’re asking us to treat your company as our own and bring all of our experiences to bear on the decisions we help you make. We're in the trenches with you talking to customers, thinking about sales strategies, developing relationships for fundraising and hiring.

  • Pre-seed or Seed
  • Exponential Technology
  • Design & Research Advocates
  • Lean Teams
  • Leaner Egos
  • Adaptable & Dogged
Ethos & Style

Product leaders are most effective at certain junctures in a company's development. Our team is structured to fit into those moments when necessary, and let you carry the torch the rest of the time. We're an extension of your team; defining where to invest time, energy, and capital each step of the way.


Our values are not only what guides us internally, but what we impart in our partners’ companies.

1 | Explore the World with Curiosity and Wonder

Seek out every interaction and experience as an opportunity to learn, create, and express something true.

2 | Center Humanity

Listen to and observe the lived experiences of all people and communities without judgment or assumption in a way that celebrates and uplifts all.

3 | Lead from Love

Practicing active empathy and active compassion in all that we do, and all that we create.

4 | Dream Big, Start Small

Make big plans but don’t delay putting the first small steps in action, as momentum begets more momentum.

5 | Move Gracefully Between Introspection and Collaboration

Prioritize the time and space to turn inward, as well as acts of joyful exploration with others, to generate a bottomless well of inspired creativity.

6 | Expand Our World by Expanding It for Others

Sharing our knowledge, frameworks, and resources in a way that allows everyone to unleash their greatest potential.

Take a deeper look into our scientific approach to building companies.


When should I partner with you?

We typically work with pre-seed and seed stage companies because we specialize in product-market-fit. That being said, our process of deep research and fast prototyping is helpful for any stage company with a new idea.

How are you different from YC and Techstars?

We work in the trenches with you, early on, acting as interim product executives and co-founders. We’ll do the interviews and research with you, and build the essential habits and mindset of the best entrepreneurs. The only things we’ll do for you are the prototypes, UI/UX, and branding. Everything else you’ll be able to do on your own after our program.

What is your model?

We collect fees similar to what a full time senior executive on your team would make; around $3k per week up to $20k per month, all while building alongside you so you can internalize these methods for yourself. Founders typically invest between 3-6 months with us. Our time together yields a product, brand, go-to market strategy, hiring plan, and revenue model that is ready to be developed and funded.

Frequently Asked Questions

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