We start & incubate
companies for you.

We work with Family Offices to develop a venture-building engine around the impact areas most important to you.

De-risk & magnify
the impact of your investments.

Each phase below can stand on it's own, but has been designed to work alongside the others.

Market & Landscape Analysis
Chart Opportunities & Barriers
Create Investment Thesis

Phase 1

Create Your
Investment Thesis

Our team identifies the biggest opportunities and barriers to success in the area your fund cares most about - creating a clear plan of how best to invest.

Phase 2

Develop Your Community

We build a community for founders, investors, academics, regulators, corporate leaders, and (most importantly) users, to build new solutions together.

Coalition Building
Advisors & Co-Investors
Deal Flow Partnerships
Develop Founder Pipeline
Diligence & Founder Workshops
Select Top Prospects

Phase 3

Scout & Vet
Your Founders

Through a series of assessments, interviews, workshops, and pitches we get to know the most promising founders on a deep personal and professional level.

Phase 4

Then we dive into product validation.

We surround each founder with a team of passionate researchers, designers, and strategists to ensure their success and staying true to your thesis.


We validate the idea and market through rigorous research & back-of-the-napkin revenue modeling.


We design a data backed, lean MVP, brand, and website to get to market fast.


We launch the product alongside a revenue model and GTM strategy with a path to scale.


We share the deal other early-stage investors to spread risk and increase the likelihood for upside.

Our Track Record








Fortune 100s

We've worked with bold entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate innovators to build resilient businesses.

Preseed investments have the biggest upside, but are the hardest to evaluate. Until now.

Dana Ball, Executive Director, Three Lakes Foundation

"Working with FF validated my theory that we can be more strategic and impactful by taking the time to drill down and develop a thesis for investment. The project illuminated challenges that seriously impacted our original intent, changed our strategy and saved us time and money."

Dana Ball, Executive Director, Three Lakes Foundation
Tamara Shriver, Tend

"Working together built my confidence as a founder. I am more trusting of my intuition and process and have research and experience to back it up."

Tamara Shriver, Tend
Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective

"You helped me incorporate more humanity into my work - an important realization which has been incorporated into how I lead. My team whole heartedly trusts your team and is eager to be vulnerable and honest when Ellie is around."

Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective
Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery

"Being a founder is grueling and lonely. Unlike a typical 9-5, you don't have a boss evaluating your day-to-day work and without that feedback loop it's easy to feel lost. Further Faster has helped keep me positive, connect with the Chicago startup community, and gain confidence in my founding vision through customer validation. They have also built a human focused culture at their company that I plan to emulate."

Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery

Our Work

We’ve had the pleasure of helping over thirty early-stage founders since 2019, with an average funding round of $2M following our work together.

How are you different from YC and Techstars?

We work in the trenches with you, early on, acting as interim product executives and co-founders. We’ll do the interviews and research with you, and build the essential habits and mindset of the best entrepreneurs. The only things we’ll do for you are the prototypes, UI/UX, and branding. Everything else you’ll be able to do on your own after our program.

What is your model?

We collect fees similar to what a full time senior executive on your team would make; around $3k per week up to $20k per month, all while building alongside you so you can internalize these methods for yourself. Founders typically invest between 3-6 months with us. Our time together yields a product, brand, go-to market strategy, hiring plan, and revenue model that is ready to be developed and funded.

Who do you work with?

We work with a small number of companies every year. Our founders have a deep expertise in a problem area and are often at the beginning, or at a crossroads, in their entrepreneurial journey. The strongest founders we work with have a willingness to change, mastery of executive habits, and consider themselves lifelong learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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