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So, you've got a big idea...


Big ideas take time and money.

we help you spend them wisely.

Founders and investors partner with us to design lean companies, and find product-market fit fast.

From pre-seed through Series A

We surround you with a team of co-founders, product experts, and researchers to answer the biggest questions and assumptions facing you right now, and chart a path to success that’s backed by data.


Validate: User & Market Research

We start by rigorously testing your assumptions through research to ensure you put your time and money into building the right thing. Read More

Product Hypothesis Workshops
User Survey & Interviews
Market & Competitive Analysis
Product Design (UX/ UI)
Branding & Web Design
Technical Partner Selection


Design: MVP Prototyping, Brand,
& Website

Next, we build and test prototypes with target users, leading to a research-backed product roadmap, brand, and landing page. Read More


Launch: Go-to-market & Fundraising

After nailing down the product, we work with our founders to design a revenue model and GTM strategy with a path to scale. Read More

Revenue Modeling
Go-to-Market Roadmap
Investor Deck & Strategy
Founders & Investors

Partner With Us At Three Junctures

Before founders invest in first hires or design and development partners, we help prove out big market opportunities and gain undeniable product-market-fit.
Idea-stage & Second Time Founders

You're looking to validate market demand for something new, and identify early adopters to prove early indicators of success. We bring you from idea to MVP designs and fundraising.

Traction But Not Product Market Fit.

You've gotten the company off the ground and have indicators of success but things are plateauing. We find whats holding you back and teach you the skills to always be finding-fit.

Fit, But Looking For New Revenue

Feels good to have a reliable revenue and you're looking for the next big feature. We craft a reliable new strategy based on data from current and new users.

Denzil Eden, CEO Smarty

"Working with Further Faster is a game-changer! Honestly, I wish we had started working together right at the inception of our startup journey because the best practices we’ve implemented together has helped Smarty grow by leaps and bounds. Further Faster has brought me a level of confidence about the decisions we make that I did not have before, and the progress we’ve made together speaks for itself.  I see Further Faster as a part of the Smarty family now and I hope we will continue working together for the whole startup journey from PMF to scaling beyond"

Denzil Eden, CEO Smarty
Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery

"Being a founder is grueling and lonely. Unlike a typical 9-5, you don't have a boss evaluating your day-to-day work and without that feedback loop it's easy to feel lost. Further Faster has helped keep me positive, connect with the Chicago startup community, and gain confidence in my founding vision through customer validation. They have also built a human focused culture at their company that I plan to emulate."

Zachary Ratliff, CEO, Proof In Recovery
Tamara Shriver, Tend

"Working together built my confidence as a founder. I am more trusting of my intuition and process and have research and experience to back it up."

Tamara Shriver, Tend
Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective

"You helped me incorporate more humanity into my work - an important realization which has been incorporated into how I lead. My team whole heartedly trusts your team and is eager to be vulnerable and honest when Ellie is around."

Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Embarc Collective

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Our Work

We’ve had the pleasure of helping over thirty early-stage founders since 2020, with seed rounds as high as $8 Million after our work together.

Putting our experience to good use.


Companies Founded


Products Launched


Million Raised


Fortune 500s Innovated
When should I partner with you?

We typically work with pre-seed and seed stage companies because we specialize in product-market-fit. That being said, our process of deep research and fast prototyping is helpful for any stage company with a new idea.

At what point do you invest/ take equity?

We work with founders to match them with the right investors instead of the traditional Venture Studio model of building and funding our own companies. We stay off your cap table until you're ready to bring us on as advisors, or we participate in a SPV or syndicate deal.

What is your model?

First time entrepreneurs leveraging their success in other industries, as well as repeat founders, work with our team to validate their product and revenue models. We work alongside them to lay the foundations of their product, brand, and revenue theses at the base of their company. The founder typically invests between 3-6 months with us. Our time together yields a product, brand, and revenue model that is ready to be developed or funded.

Frequently Asked Questions

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