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An Interactive Pregnancy & Birth Guide

Product, Brand, Positioning, and Website

Our research culminated in development-ready screens, user stories, and everything Tend needed to go to market and raise.

User Persona Development

A living document for the Tend team to share with their marketing team, external PR partners, future sales teams- the user persona is a consensus document so every team member knows who we're serving and what problem they face.

Problem Identification & Prototyping

Low-fidelity screens were created for ideation originally, and then for testing once we refined our hypothesis.

Stages of

Research & Modeling
Prototyping & testing
Design & Branding


Tend is a supportive educational platform that helps people navigate pregnancy and birth, aligning their care team and resources with their intentions and desires. 

Further Faster’s partnership with Tend's founding team started during the idea stage. Through deep collaboration over five months, our work resulted in a validated value proposition, clear understanding of the customer’s needs, and MVP product, brand, and website designs.


"Working together built my confidence as a founder. I am more trusting of my intuition and process, and have the research and experience to back it up"

Tamara Day Shriver, CEO Tend


The U.S. is in the midst of a reproductive health crisis. Pregnant people face an incredible number of risks and stressors, and what should be a time to strengthen connection and trust with oneself, in practice can be a time of grief, trauma, and disconnection from self. 

We collaboratively designed a digital guide that helps pregnant people navigate important milestones and decisions with evidence-based resources and guided lessons that foster a re-connection to oneself.


Tend set out to learn the most pressing problem for expecting mothers and examine the experience through a more holistic lens. We explored important questions around the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience through 238 survey responses, 6 1-hour interviews, 4 prototype tests, and 70+ hours of competitive and market analysis. Our findings surfaced a pressing unmet need that addressed the sense of overwhelm felt by first time mothers by giving them a step-by-step digital guide, paced out by trimester that helps create community with their friends, families, and care-takers.

Initial Primary & Secondary Research

With a steep increase in home births over the last decade, and the number of pregnancy-related deaths among Black women, it was clear that people were looking for solutions outside of traditional birthing paths. Our initial customer discovery survey had 238 survey respondents with 51% expecting mothers, which led to 6 individual interviews with that segment that identified a core pain point: women felt overwhelmed by the amount of data and information available, and a sudden onset of external opinions and unsolicited advice.

Revenue Modeling

With our testing results and competitive landscape analyzed, we modeled three different revenue structures that prioritized strong recurring revenue and low customer acquisition costs.


The tend app combines audio lessons with interactive guides designed to build your relationship with yourself and the family and friends who support you. Tend lessons and guides are designed to nurture self-discovery and relational deepening, as well as offer practical tools for preparing for birth and postpartum. They are intended to inspire conversations, explore curiosities and desires, and support you in tending to your body, mind, heart, and spirit as you navigate your unique journey.

Product Design for the Tend MVP

We turned prototypes into development-ready specifications that we hand to our preferred development partners. The core features of the product include:

Pillars of Wellness

We've created a holistic curriculum that centers around three pillars:  “self-discovery”, “relationships”, and “collective wisdom.”

Guided Audio Sessions

Navigate important milestones and decisions with curated resources and guides created by our team of mothers and experts.

Your Trimester Journey

At the beginning of each trimester, Tend will ground you in the wisdom of your body and orient you to the most relevant lessons and activities just in front of you. Tend knows information and decisions need to happen gradually and in stages.

Interactive Relational Activities

Hold space for the other people on this journey with you. Tend's exercises help foster discussion and vulnerability between partners, parents, and friends, so you're supported the way you need to be.

Branding & Web Design To Bring The Project To Life

After a shortlist of names were drafted, we did legal diligence and scouted for domain options. A mood board led us to a unique brand with its own typography, color palette, and graphic vocabulary. The brand works well for our audience, and maintains the company values.

Before development and release, the Tend team is validating the root of their product: their content. Once the content is ready for publishing, Instagram and other channels will be used before development of a custom tool is begun.

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